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Kitchen Hood Cleaning

affordable kitchen hood cleaning service

Do not neglect your kitchen exhaust cleaning! This is the very necessary process of removing all the grease that accumulates over time. This grease hides at first, but it builds up quickly on every part of your kitchen exhaust systems. The grease affects the hoods, the ducts, the fans, and the vents. It’s a tricky bit of cleaning that can be very frustrating, but not for the professionals. So don’t let it get ahead of you, and don’t let it overwhelm you! Let us take care of it. We’ll come in and make every single part look brand new.


Kitchen hood cleaning should not involve you coming in early one day to mix baking soda with boiling water. Please do not dip a sponge into this mixture. This is a very bad idea. They’re greasy, so they get slippery, and we don’t want you dealing with something difficult to handle with a bowl of boiling hot mixture beside you. Please let us take care of the kitchen hood cleaning for you, and we will do it in a way that is safe for everyone. Calling us to come in is a guarantee that the job will get done without any slippery accidents.


In commercial kitchens, it is believed that the ductwork is the first and foremost area for the risk of a fire. Let us help you reduce the risk and ensure the safety of your business, your staff, your customers, your building, and yourselves! Be responsible. Let us be the ones who take care of this very important part of kitchen cleaning. We are the experts at providing the best kitchen cleaning services, after all! Like the hoods, the exhausts can be awkward, and it is not ideal to have someone who is not experienced try to do it himself/herself.


There is nothing more frightening than someone accidentally turning on a kitchen fan that is coated in a film of grease and dusted in … well, who knows what! It can look a lot scarier than just dust. But you do not need to fear kitchen fans anymore! Forget about them all together and invite us in to freshen them up for you. You have kitchen fans for very good reasons, and you need to be able to use them with confidence on those busy, hot days spent in front of the fryer. Our kitchen cleaning services never forget the importance of kitchen fans.


Just like the fans in your kitchen, you do not want your kitchen vents clogged up and not working on those sweltering days inside, while everyone is busying prepping and cooking. Kitchen vents need to be cleaned properly so that they can provide ventilation, just like filters need to be clean in order to filter. Pouring undiluted vinegar into a spray bottle, misting the surfaces and letting it sit for fifteen minutes will only get you so far. We’ve got the professional kitchen cleaning services you need, which also means that we’ve got the professional cleaning products you need.

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