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Floor and Furniture Cleaning

affordable floor and furniture cleaning services

We know exactly what your servers are thinking: The last thing they want to do before or after a tough shift of serving customers is drag a vacuum cleaner across the restaurant’s floor. We understand. We want them to serve the food and we want to take care of the floors instead! We are able to come in to any restaurant, not matter what size it is, and provide quality floor and furniture cleaning services. These surfaces are used so frequently by so many. It is important to clean them regularly in order to keep them in good condition.

Hardwood Flooring

Yes, it can be difficult to figure out what products to use on windows if you’re not a professional, and so it’s even harder to know what products to use on what floors if it’s not a part of your regular job. We know that every floor is different, and different flooring has different needs. It’s also hard to know what accessories or pieces of equipment are the most efficient for these chores. We know all about cleaning flooring, even the different types of wooden flooring. Instead of taking a gamble and experimenting, make the safest bet and call us.

Carpets and Rugs

Carpets can be used for protecting floors and for accentuating a room, but they will do neither for a restaurant if they are not clean. There are numerous benefits to having your carpets deep-cleaned, but the three main reasons why we get called in to do it are for stains, odors, and dust. Don’t use the wrong products while trying to attack a pasta sauce stain, as you might do more harm than good, and don’t let your carpet’s colors grow dull. Let us take care of all this for you. We are experienced in the different needs that different carpets and rugs have.

Seating and Chairs

It can be hard to remember to wipe down your restaurant booths if you are not the one sitting in them. When the servers are going around to the tables to serve food, people are of course already seated in their seats! So it can be tough to know just what condition a restaurant chair is in if every time you pass by there is someone in it. So make it our job to clean your restaurant seating so that your customers are always seated comfortably. We will eliminate any stains or odors, making your restaurant seating look brand new.

Deep Clean

Are there other places in your restaurant that you need help cleaning? Maybe your window ledges are over-looked because no one ever sits there? Maybe your heavy velvet curtains are decorative and untouched, but getting a bit dusty? It is our job to make sure nothing is neglected. It is our job to ensure that everything you need cleaned is professionally cleaned. Talk to us and let us know if you think something needs a good deep clean. We provide a variety of deep cleaning services to make sure all of your restaurant cleaning needs are addressed and taken care of.

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