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Bar Cleaning

affordable bar cleaning services

The presentation of the bar is very important. This is where the customers can see for themselves where their orders are being made. Sometimes they’re sitting right there, watching it all happen in front of them. So professional bar cleaning services are very important. Whether you need regular bar cleaning or an annual deep clean, let us do it. Don’t give your bartenders a checklist filled with tasks they need to do during their shift. Let them shake, stir, and serve with confidence while the bar they serve in sparkles because of us. That way, both the beverages and the immaculate surfaces will impress your clientele.


These surfaces often get overlooked because the parts that are being used are always being wiped down. We go under the trays and potted plants, behind the glasses and bottles, in between the beer kegs and the cases of wine. A clean rag and sanitizer in between customers won’t cut it. The quality of your cocktails, beers and wine will only be appreciated by customers if served in a sanitary environment. We all know that dirty martinis are not as fun in a dirty bar! We like doing the work required to keep both you and your customers happy.

Washing Systems

It is easy to forget the places that do the washing for you. The washing systems you use to sanitize your glasses need to be cleaned in order to clean. Our kitchen cleaning services won’t just dust the surfaces of these very important machines. We know how vital these things are in order to keep up with all the orders coming in on a busy Friday or Saturday evening. You need more than just a solution to run through your washing systems at the end of the night. Checking every glass for lipstick stains should not be a necessity!

Ice Bins

When do your bartenders have time to empty the ice bins and sanitize them properly? After serving a full house, we know members of staff are happy to just let the ice melt and give it a good wipe down the next day before filling it up again. When we come in, we do not neglect the importance of the ice bins. All of your customers require beverages, which require ice. So everyone requires the ice bins to be extremely sanitary. When you hire us, you do not need to worry about important things like ice bins getting cleaned properly.

Bar Taps and Soda Guns

Bar taps can get gunky with yeasty residue, just like soda guns can get sticky with syrupy residue. When this happens, what comes out and how it comes out is tampered with. The speed of the pour and the flavor of the product can both be affected, which isn’t good for your bar’s business. Every bar is different when it comes to keg connections and beer lines. This can complicate things for employees, but not for us. We’ll come in and provide bar cleaning services that will help make your bar – and your beer and soda lines – run better.

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